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“As an audit manager, I will use a number of the tools to improve the efficiency of the audit unit.”
– Audit Manager taking Lean Six Sigma for Government Auditors and Accountants, December 2011

“The case studies were great! Also, the actual guidance in the material was excellent. Also, the humor. It made it all better!”
-CPA in public practice, August 2015

“Very easy to read. Felt like the author was speaking. Also gave good excerpts at appropriate times. Really appreciated the non-frilly writing method. Very down to earth and easy to understand.”
– 5/4/12

“I like the examples. It makes the course seem to go by much faster than just reading through a bunch of regs.”
– CPA in public practice, December 2014

“The real world examples put the information into perspective.”
– CPA, Jan 2016

Individual Self-Study E-Books

Topic Area:  Essential Skills

Essential Skills Bundle - $350 | CPE Hours: 32

Topic Area:  Audit Reporting

Audit Reporting: Yellow Book Style - $90 | CPE Hours: 7

Audit Reporting Bundle - $110 | CPE Hours: 10

Topic Area:  Audit Standards

The 2018 Yellow Book Interpreted - $120 | CPE Hours: 10

Yellow Book Standards Bundle - $310 | CPE Hours: 21

Topic Area:  Single Audit

Auditing Federal Grants - $120 | CPE Hours: 9.5

Single Audit Bundle - $280 | CPE Hours: 27

Topic Area:  Fraud

Fraud Bundle - $155 | CPE Hours: 14.5

Topic Area:  Internal Controls

Topic Area:  Project Management & Leadership


(These courses DO NOT qualify for the 24 Yellow Book Hours)

Topic Area:  Financial Acumen

The Four Principles of Happy Cash Flow - $55 | CPE Hours: 4.5

All Self-Study Bundle

Self-Study Bundle - $480 | CPE Hours: 113.5

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