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“Discussions/comparisons between AICPA and GAGAS standards in plain English rather than just citing the standards language. THANK YOU!!!”
– CPA in public practice, December 2014

“Definitely!  I now have a better idea of why I do certain things in my audit work without just being like ‘that’s how its always been done’.  Now I know why I am doing them.”
—State Agency Internal Auditor, 8/15

“I think the fact that this was written by a practitioner, and a very good writer, made it easy to read, very personable, it felt like someone was talking to me as I was reading it. You laid out all the concepts in an easy to follow manner. Flow of concepts was good, too. The most wonderful thing about this is that I have a PDF of the material to refer to when I need it, and it will be much easier to find and understand than reading the standards language.”
– CPA in public practice, December 2014

“It was written in a fun, clear way. 300+ pages to explain changes in the Yellow Book sounded awful, but it was in fact fun to read.”
– 8/8/12

“Excellent coverage of material. Great reference for COSO and elements of a finding”
—College Professor of Auditing, 12/10

“The author’s very readable style kept it fresh.”
—State Government Internal Auditor, 12/10

$110 for access to two Audit Reporting courses – one SELF-STUDY and one VIDEO COURSE

Are your audit reports sexy? Do they comply with standards? Can you confidently identify the root cause of any reportable condition? Complete these two courses – one video and one self-study – to make sure that the only product your audit client is likely to see is readable and interesting.

Individually, these courses sell for $140. We are proud to offer them to you at the discounted price of $110 for 10 hours of yellow book qualifying CPE credit.

This offer is for one student. It is not transferable nor can it be shared with other students. Access to all courses expires one year from the purchase date.

Included Courses CPE Hours
Art of the Finding – Video Course  3 hours
Audit Reporting: Yellow Book Style 7 hours
  10 Hours


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