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The Struggle is Real

If you work for an audit shop with more than three professionals, you likely struggle with getting your audit report out the door.

First of all, let me reassure you that you are perfectly normal.  Nothing wicked or dastardly is afoot.  Every audit team I have ever worked with wishes they could finish quicker.

We are not the only profession who struggles to finish projects.  I have been listening to a pod cast series by Seth Godin – who is a guru of sorts for start-up companies.  One particular pod-cast is full of wisdom about finishing a project, and this wisdom can and should be applied to audit reporting.  A link to Seth’s workbook and to the podcast appears below.   I recommend you have the workbook open as you listen to the podcast.

Godin doesn’t talk about audit reports specifically, but I trust that you can mentally replace his example of launching a computer software with your own experiences publishing an audit report.  I think you will find it worth the effort to analogize.

As you are listening, note how he recommends that you force executives into the process early and remove them at the end.  Note how he decries changes once the objectives have been set and argues for ‘good enough’ over perfection.  Note how he focuses on the customer and encourages us to tell the truth plainly without padding it with extra words.

Here is a link to the podcast:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/seth-godins-startup-school/id566985370?mt=2&i=1000136135406

Here is a link to the workbook he refers to in the podcast:  https://sethgodin.typepad.com/files/theshipitjournal.pdf

I hope to be leading a city auditor through this workbook in an upcoming seminar, and I’ll let you know, via LinkedIn, how it goes.  If you apply this tool to your next project, please share your results with me.  To follow me on LinkedIn, find my profile under Leita Hart Fanta.

I hope the “Spring Forward” this weekend is easy on your mind and body.

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