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Does culture matter?

On September 11, the Austin IIA Chapter is hosting a half-day seminar on Auditing Culture at the Alamo Theater on Anderson Lane. See the Austin IIA website to register.

Does culture matter?

Well, September 11 means something to all Americans. Some argue that the events of 9/11 stem from a clash of cultures.

“Remember the Alamo!” rallies Texans together in our common love of this state.

The Alamo theaters are spreading the Austin funky, relaxed vibe throughout the country.

I questioned Quinten Terrantino –the famous movie director – at the Alamo during his ‘Kung Fu Film Fest’ about how Asian filmmaker’s influenced his work.

During intermission for a Fellini film showing at the Alamo, I chatted with the lead singer of the Counting Crows. He said he took every opportunity to fuel his creativity with new ideas and classic art.

Culture intrigues us, brings us together, differentiates us from others, inspires us, irritates us… Yes, I have to conclude that culture is important.

See you at the Alamo! Who knows who and what you’ll encounter there…

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