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CPE for Government Auditors

The Yellow Book Interpreted – 2011 Revision


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$200 includes self-study manual and online quiz for 15 hours of CPE credit.


“What did you like most? Its simplicity and easy to truly learn something. it was written for ‘normal’ people to understand.”
– S.B. CPA June 2018

“The text was easy to read. When I was reading this, it felt like the author was actually speaking to me.”
– C.B. CPA September 2017

“Thank you for developing performance audit specific training – I was mentored by a GAO evaluator for years and this training is the only thing that provides this level of detail on GAGAS!”
– G.B. CPA November 2017

“Discussions/comparisons between AICPA and GAGAS standards in plain English rather than just citing the standards language. THANK YOU!!!”
– CPA in public practice, December 2014

“Definitely!  I now have a better idea of why I do certain things in my audit work without just being like ‘that’s how its always been done’.  Now I know why I am doing them.”
—State Agency Internal Auditor, 8/15

“I think the fact that this was written by a practitioner, and a very good writer, made it easy to read, very personable, it felt like someone was talking to me as I was reading it. You laid out all the concepts in an easy to follow manner. Flow of concepts was good, too. The most wonderful thing about this is that I have a PDF of the material to refer to when I need it, and it will be much easier to find and understand than reading the standards language.”
– CPA in public practice, December 2014

“It was written in a fun, clear way. 300+ pages to explain changes in the Yellow Book sounded awful, but it was in fact fun to read.”
– 8/8/12

“Excellent coverage of material. Great reference for COSO and elements of a finding”
—College Professor of Auditing, 12/10

“The author’s very readable style kept it fresh.”
—State Government Internal Auditor, 12/10

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Is it time for you to know the Yellow Book – really know it? Let Leita be your guide as she converts the GAO’s Government Auditing Standards into plain English and helps you apply its unique standard and guidance to your audit. This text covers the latest on independence, quality control, and audit planning. All three types of engagements – financial, attestation, and performance – are covered. Whether you are an internal auditor, government monitor, or external auditor, the Yellow Book applies to you.

Course objectives include:

  • Differentiate between the Yellow Book and other auditing standards
  • Assess whether an engagement requires the use of the Yellow Book
  • Distinguish among the three types of Yellow Book engagements
  • Employ the conceptual framework in evaluating threats to your independence as an auditor
  • Assess whether an audit team has met competency standards
  • Assess whether an audit team has met the Yellow Book requirements regarding quality control and peer review
  • Differentiate between GAO and AICPA standards regarding financial audits
  • Classify an audit finding as an internal control weakness, a violation of contract or grant agreements, fraud, or abuse
  • Compare AICPA financial audit reporting standards to GAGAS standards
  • Differentiate among the elements of a finding
  • Identify the steps of planning and conducting a performance audit
  • Differentiate between the concepts of materiality and significance
  • Identify factors that affect audit risk in a performance audit
  • Define the parameters of an audit project: audit objective, audit scope, and audit methodology
  • Discriminate among management control, internal control, and information technology control terminologies
  • Distinguish among the types of evidence and judge their relative strength
  • Distinguish between mandatory and optional documentation requirements


Program level: Intermediate

NASBA Category of Study: Auditing – Governmental

Advance preparation: None

Prerequisites: One or more years experience in auditing

Instructional method: Self-study text with online quiz

CPE Credit Hours: 15

This course qualifies for Yellow Book CPE credit.


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